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Written by on December 31, 2019

It’s early in the morning, when I start writing this annual trip down memory lane on the last day of 2019. It’s still dark outside, everyone else is still asleep, WFM96’s very own speechless DJ is still rocking the jams from our glass pavilion at the annual ice-skating ring and here I am, thinking about what a year it’s been, but more excitingly, what 2020 got in store for you and me!

The Blog

Besides the last month and a half, the blog never missed a beat this year! And music lovers are still discovering this little blog, and so are artists, record labels and PR agencies. YAY!

But there’s one thing I noticed this year. Why are more and more artists releasing a new single almost every other week? What ever happened to the days artists would give their new single the proper attention and time it really deserves? I know the internet with all its platforms made it so freaking easy to release something, but I really don’t think that’s in the best interest of the artists themselves.

Oh hell, maybe I’m just getting old, an old-fashioned dinosaur who started out receiving the latest and greatest by snail-mail on obscure vinyl or CD years and years ago. But I am and will always be a firm believer in quality over quantity! And sadly enough, the quantity won big this year. Even to the point with me skipping releases of artists I’ve been promoting for years, because their usual quality wasn’t there anymore ?

But don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere! Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been slowly renaming all my social feeds this year, restyling the blog and last week it was time to move her over to her new home at But why?

Bye Bye Youtube – Hello Radio

Well, remember I ditched my Youtube channel last year? Not only didn’t it work, but I secretly knew something was cooking and my perfect face for radio finally found a new home a few months ago at WFM96, our regional radio station! So, if you don’t mind me sounding like someone who’s about to hurl every time I open my mouth, as I host the show in Dutch, maybe you can check out the Friday Freak Night every Friday 7pm-10pm CET. (listen online)

It’s been a long time coming, but I came full circle. I started the blog when I lost my last radio gig in 2011, so I could continue the independent music promotion that I started on the show back then. But now I’m able to do both and with the first guests already booked, I’m extremely excited for 2020 and it’s definitely great to be back on the radio again! ?

Personal Top 10 of 2019

Right, enough of that sappy crap! Lets get down to the nitty gritty and boogieloo, ’cause that’s why you’re here for! So I give you my personal Top 10, counting it down from #10 to my absolute favourite Kick-Ass Indie Jam of 2019:

#10 Maya By Name – Since ’96

It’s her super-empowering vulnerability that has been putting the sultry Maya By Name in a league of her own this year, with irresistible Alicia Keys-like sensibilities!..

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#9 Sonny Ragg – Free

It was that deliciously raw dish of rock, soul and funk, with a little Lenny Kravitz squeezed on top, that made Sonny Ragg one of the front runners of Dutch Rock ‘N Soul this year!..

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#8 Flevans & Laura Vane – Invisible (Flevans’ Back To The 80’s Remix)

It’s Flevans’ bombastic 80s flavoured disco flip that turned his own original with Laura Vane into one of best neon-lit dance-floor fillers this year!..

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#7 Romy Dya – Can We Go Back

Can you believe this pop seductress was on the verge of quitting music earlier this year? I’m extremely happy she didn’t and I really hope Romy Dya will be cooking up more of these flirtatious 80s sensibilities next year!..

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#6 Mark Pelli – Lifetime

It’s his ability to tap into our inner-feelings, as we all felt this way one time or another, that makes Mark Pelli super relatable, soulful and one of my best discoveries of 2019!..

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#5 Bloom De Wilde – Soul Siren

While she’s often coined as the Dutch Björk, I really hope Sam & The Womp‘s lead songstress Bloom De Wilde will swing by the radio show next year and take me by the hand into that colourful, dreamy and star-gazingy constellation of her own!..

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#4 Smoove & Turrell Ft. Izo FitzRoy – You’re Gone (The Allergies Remix)

How do you pick and choose between your favourite artists signed to one label? You don’t! ‘Cause with The Allergies flipping Smoove & Turell and Izo Fitzroy’s Chic-like boogie extravaganza into a full fledged 60s funk hoedown, you simply have Jalapeno Records’ best rolled into one!..

Smoove & Turrell: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | iTunes
Izo FitzRoy: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website
The Allergies: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

#3 Astèr Fekre – Coffee

There is a reason why I’ve been keeping a close eyeball on this Dutch R&B princess since 2014. And not only is Astèr Fekre gonna swing by the radio show very soon, but 2020 is also gonna be like her first release earlier this year. Hot, steamy and creamy!..

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#2 Cool Million & James ‘D-Train’ Williams – Stronger

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another Cool Million for such a danceable match made in heaven with my 80s favourite funkateer James ‘D-Train’ Williams, ’cause this was this year’s warm, organic and instant classic!..

Cool Million: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website
James ‘D-Train’ Williams: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

#1 Jasmine Kara – Call Back

Not only have I been pushing her Christmas single like an utter nutter on WFM96 this month, but it’s her doo-whoop-whoop piece of 60s tingled soul that never left my personal playlist this year! She might be petite, she might be going 10 years strong. But trust me when I tell you, my musical girl friend Jasmine Kara? Her best is still to come!..

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Tick-tock, tick-tock, 2020 is really creeping closer now and is about to knock at our door. So let me just finish by expressing my gratitude for another great year, my hope you’ll be sticking around for the new things to come on both the blog and radio show, but above all, I like to wish you nothing but the best for the new year, from my family to yours! Have a groovy New Years extravaganza!..

With love,

Lex – The Dutch Guy

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